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Mar 12, 2012
The dog matrix .. conclusions

To established a benchmark, The usa generally has about one quarter of a million lookups for the specific word 'dogs' a calendar month. The BRITISH ISLES 100k, Canada (40k) and Australia (30K). The analysis then gathered the greatest developing places together. Three of the most population places had these many lookups: China (1K), India (40K) and Brazil (2,000). While these places usually have quite a few run away dogs, there is usually no actual direct control or medical care for dogs. To spotlight how diversely these places observe dogs, you will find that most of the developed locations have terms like dogs or 'dog training' in their top five words. By comparison China has dog clothes and 'dog tags', and India contains 'dog pictures' in a couple of variations in its leading five. Then you may well contemplate that Europe with its very engineered cities could also have a robust search for all things canines, yet in general European countries greatly under-perform. For instance Germany is the lead country with 213 keywords searched, but the dogs term obtains lower than 10,000 lookups per calendar month. France has merely one hundred and thirty odd terms and its lead term has around twenty thousand lookups. Meanwhile Italy has simply 100 keywords linked with dogs searched and its principal term is beneath 3,000 lookups every calendar month. Other greatly under performing dog search lands are Russia, Israel & Japan. Every one of these places have a quite substantial amount of complexity but very few Google dog searches. Russia has about 150 million people yet it only has about 2,000 dog lookups. Japan is one of the strongest tech places but its lookup for dogs is quite similar to Russia. Israel also has very similar browse figures.

Just what exactly does this indicate you may ponder? I identified that the most effective way to make sense of the info was to assess all places on a common range. To achieve this I compared their overall dog market lookups divided by a country's population and plotted this vs the country wide money per individual. To try to make the facts even I altered the search volumes based on a country's net usage and also Google marketshare. The final results are really remarkable in that there would seem to be a robust logarithmic association between the lookups quantities and riches variables.

All of the greatest population lands are really poor with regards to wealth per person and so their dog lookups are marginal - even with all the data adjustments. The amazing factors are the place Europe is situated on this trend line. In essence although middle European places are very constructed they have a incredibly low dog browse quantities. Every one the places are bunched together off of the trend line and where their riches would predict that they need to be. Then next group of places are all very similarly positioned on the trendline with AMERICA, Canada and Australia experiencing near 1.5 dog lookups per person per 30 days. These locations have numerous dogs and locations where dogs can have fun.

The largest surprise is that Ireland has virtually three lookups per calendar month (two times that of The usa) and the BRITISH ISLES has definitely the largest attention in dogs with a ranking of about three and one half lookups per person per calendar month. There are several conclusions that may be drawn from this info. It looks that a lands money per man has lots to do with its peoples want to lookup for dogs, and possibly own dogs. While Europe is acknowledged as a dog adoring region, its frosty conditions and typically tiny homes in the metropolitan areas may well cap the volume of dogs and dog interest that these kind of sophisticated places have.

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Feb 29, 2012
The worlds 1st dog matrix - how to fully grasp global dog styles by using Google data

This weblog examines the way to use Google data to examine interests for dogs globally. Which places care the most about dogs plus which places dont perform well.

I have often wondered precisely what various persons around the world believe with regards to dogs, have not you? Amongst the very best techniques to fully grasp worldwide what people feel about dogs is to look at each country's top five dog connected search keywords on Google. Google in addition gives details about the amount of persons who lookup each expression per 30 days along with the amount of keywords it considers to be linked with Dogs of the many keywords that are explored on this google search.

These are all excellent signals as to the strength of feeling in direction of dogs in each region. To begin with relating to the amount of words searched, although America is deemed to be the greatest developed land, it merely captured six hundred odd dog words out of a achievable eight hundred in October 2010.

The top key word amount was recorded by the BRITISH ISLES with the total 800 words followed by Canada on seven hundred and one. Amazingly for its comparatively modest population, Australia emerged in 4th with three hundred and sixty six words and phrases.

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Feb 16, 2012
What are dog treats

A simple question really but one that most people get wrong. In theory a dog treat is something that you give your dog on a special occasion because its been good or some other random reason. Like human treats, dogs are not supposed to get these all of the time because: they will diminish the value the cost a lot they are not necessarily good for the dog (think Icecream treat for humans) these are what has made the concept of dog treats so off putting for many people.

the reality is that most dog treats are full of junk and not good for your dog, they are expensive and you should only give them a little bit. But did you know that you can buy 100% meat dog treats without any additives that are better than the regular dog food you feed your dog (that is full of grain). Well yes it is true, and this and many other wonderful facts I will share with you over the future journey.

If you cant wait, you may like to look at healthy dog treats and dog walks sites now!

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