Entry: What are dog treats Feb 16, 2012

A simple question really but one that most people get wrong. In theory a dog treat is something that you give your dog on a special occasion because its been good or some other random reason. Like human treats, dogs are not supposed to get these all of the time because: they will diminish the value the cost a lot they are not necessarily good for the dog (think Icecream treat for humans) these are what has made the concept of dog treats so off putting for many people.

the reality is that most dog treats are full of junk and not good for your dog, they are expensive and you should only give them a little bit. But did you know that you can buy 100% meat dog treats without any additives that are better than the regular dog food you feed your dog (that is full of grain). Well yes it is true, and this and many other wonderful facts I will share with you over the future journey.

If you cant wait, you may like to look at healthy dog treats and dog walks sites now!


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